Alison Haase

Self-care and Grief

I haven’t felt like writing, how could I?  Or talking, why would I?  I see grief wears differently on everyone.  Even me.   Some people freeze and can’t move at all.  Some people go into overdrive and can’t stop moving.  Others push, while others pull.   I can say that without diligently practicing spiritual principles …

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Dear Matt

Dear Matt,   I love you.  I love you more than I think I ever said.  I trust you know that, and that my actions showed you.  To say I am devastated is an understatement – there simply are no words for this kind of pain.  I feared this for you for a very long …

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I celebrated 4 years sober from bulimia Friday.  That’s 4 years of not binging, or purging.  That’s 4 years of not changing my food based on how I feel or think about my body.  That’s 4 years of not engaging in exercise or training that is consciously harmful, or changing my exercise based on how …

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Happy Birthday?

Tomorrow I’ll be 36.  Still I’m unmarried, not pregnant, and still unengaged.  Out of order, but all applicable.  In recent years, my age has made me think a lot, usually grieve, and always cry.  I start thinking about the way things were supposed to be according to my head, and I start thinking about how …

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