Bam Bam

I haven’t been able to write much about you.  It’s taken 3 weeks to not cry hysterically at some point in the day, and 3 weeks to be able to look at your photo without keeling over in two. You taught me more than I ever imagined needing to learn.  You were not Abby, especially …

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7 Months

I remember that day.  I remember falling to the floor.  I remember who I called, and in what order.  I remember the slowing of time, and the acute numbness that overtook my psyche.  I remember not being able to think, and Jessi telling me to just breathe.  I remember Dad telling me to go to …

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It Will Pass

I woke up blah.  Rather, I never really felt like I went to bed or slept.  That’s not necessarily new for me, but it’s becoming more frustrating as I age because I feel inept at finding the “right” (aka perfect and scripted) solution for me and my much-needed quality night of sleep and rest.   I …

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Native Brain

I hear you disease. Scanning last nights radiance with scrutinizing eyes, laser focused on the underwear line from the underwear I never wear. The “chest fat”. The lack of definition in my traps. The flatness of my hair. I hear you disease. Not wanting to swipe and not wanting to start a conversation. Then wondering …

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