I celebrated 4 years sober from bulimia Friday.  That’s 4 years of not binging, or purging.  That’s 4 years of not changing my food based on how I feel or think about my body.  That’s 4 years of not engaging in exercise or training that is consciously harmful, or changing my exercise based on how …

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Happy Birthday?

Tomorrow I’ll be 36.  Still I’m unmarried, not pregnant, and still unengaged.  Out of order, but all applicable.  In recent years, my age has made me think a lot, usually grieve, and always cry.  I start thinking about the way things were supposed to be according to my head, and I start thinking about how …

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Pride versus Ego

Pride.  The feeling you get from things accomplished.  Or, the feeling you get from things not accomplished.   Ego.  What you think about yourself on a total scale of worthiness or enoughness.   I’ve googled it recently as “pride” has been brought to my attention as the true culprit for my undercurrent of anxiety and …

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Happy New Year

It’s been 11 days since I posted a blog, and I didn’t even know it.   When I first started blogging, I committed to posting once a week.  I was on fire for a while, able to prewrite and schedule things for weeks in advance.  It’s like I had just uncovered a dormant fire within, …

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