Alison. Alison Elyse. Alison Elyse Haase.

This part sucks: I have no idea how to write a biography without taking up too much of my time, or yours. What do I want you to know, if you don’t know me yet?

I was born May 17, 1985. I am a Taurus, I promise. I care deeply. I choose passionately. I act my way into better (and sometimes worse) thinking, and have worked very hard on myself for many years to be the best possible version this world deserves to see on a daily basis.

I’ve done a lot with my short life. Professionally, I was a competitive horseback rider and owned my own business for 8 years and believe I touched a lot of lives. I sold some cars. I helped the family businesses. I now sell things that help small and mid-sized businesses grow and capitalize on their people, and am working toward a long-time dream of writing to help others

Athletically, I sold the horse business and hung up my boots and jumped into walking across stage in stripper heels and a non-existent shimmering suit from the bodybuilding platform (my book will go into great detail about this era of my life). I pursued obstacle course racing and still do, and am navigating how to make it more fun and social; not Olympics-inspired and results based and thus punishing (internally) by default. I ran a marathon recently, and love trail running and rucking.

Personally, I am sober: from alcohol, drugs, food, bad behavior, unruly choices and on many days, extreme self-righteousness and arrogance. Sobriety from the harder substances is, at this point in my life, blessedly easy. The other stuff, where you live in the grey and within boundaries that change constantly and with other people, not so much. That’s what the majority of my content will highlight: the grey stuff that’s usually pretty messy and unclear and unchartered. My book explores this, too.

Really, I’m just another woman doing her best to survive and excel in a world that can be quite fucking demanding sometimes. I’m just another human, combating really intense feelings and emotions and energies. I’m just another body, moving along, trying to maximize each and every opportunity to do it a little bit better, and I’m beyond excited and grateful to be onto something here for myself.

If I can help just one more person… that is all I ask. Thanks for doing this with me.




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