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If we want self-esteem, we must do esteemable acts.  If we want to reduce our fear, we must take action and walk through it.  If we want to feel better- about ourselves, in our skin, physically, emotionally, however, then we must act our way into it. 

It is our human nature not to do the things that benefit us.  It is our human nature not to do the things that will get us out of our rat hole, paralyzed and cloaked in fear (false evidence appearing real).  It is more our default and human nature to listen to our trashed minds, to stay where we are- unchanging and miserable, and never get better.

We say we want to feel better, yet by days end we take no steps to empower that notion.  We say we want to get shit done, yet we stay on the couch, scrolling through social media and clicking the channel.  We say we want to get healthier, to feel better, to look better, yet we order the next slice and sip on the bigger soda. 

I was afraid of the phone again, because I had gotten complacent and stopped using it as a means to communicate.  I had resorted to emails and screen filters and not having to think in the moment or choose my words on a whim.  I’d make an excuse each and every day, somehow negotiating with my own mind to go back to the place that I started: not doing anything differently. 

Until I did.  One day, I decided, I chose, to just pick up the phone.  My heart was pounding and I was scared, but I knew that I had yet to die from any phone call no matter how difficult it was, and so I started dialing.  And I kept dialing.  And I fumbled a few and laughed at myself at others because I knew that the biggest source of my pain was my own mind, not the worst case scenarios or the monster humans that hardly ever answer at the other end of the line.

By days end, I had made over 40 calls.  I enjoyed it.  I actually talked to people and got answers.  And, I wasn’t afraid any more- there was no more evidence supporting the claim that I shouldn’t pick up the phone.  Even better, I was empowered and full of confidence because I did the thing my mind said I couldn’t do.  Just for today.  Just for right now.  

You want to feel better?  Do you?  So get up.  Get moving.  Change the channel- on your remote, not the one glued to your hand making you numb, and pick up the phone, or stop hitting snooze, or go to the gym, or drink more water.  Start now.  With one action, one choice, one move.  You deserve it.

6 thoughts on “Start acting”

  1. You inspired me to do something today! I synced Pages on my iPhone and MacBook. This means that instead of aimlessly but compulsively looking at social media on my phone, I can now use the word processor on my phone to write words, phrases, sentences of my book throughout the day. Trying to make time to sit in front of my laptop wasn’t working and I wasn’t hitting my word count goals. What a simple thing I hadn’t thought to try before having a conversation with you:)

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