Water Your Own Grass

The grass is always greener.  We want what we think she has.  We want what we think he can do.  We want somebody else’s results, somebody else’s body, somebody else’s personal life, somebody else’s “confidence”.

But what’s wrong with what we got?  Why is it so easy to look outside and not assess the reality of what we have within, right here, right now? 

Somebody’s probably looking at us, wishing they had something we can’t appreciate about ourselves.  Somebody’s probably listening to us, hoping for our problems.  I know that I’d always pull my own back out if the worlds were thrown into a basket – at least mine are familiar.

It’s so easy to point the finger, never realizing that there are always three pointing back at ourselves.  It isn’t greener to be her.  We don’t know her.  We don’t know her fears, her reality, her experience, or anything about her life.  We only think we know.

It isn’t greener to be able to do what he can do – that robs him of being who he is, and it deprives us of the opportunity to be inspired.  He deserves to be him, just as much as we deserve to be us.

Despite my incredibly abundant and musical life, I am still so shocked when my closest friends send me kudos for showing up and being who I am, and who they think I am.  I am still so humbled when anyone throws me a compliment, and acknowledges that maybe I really am OK, exactly as I am. 

Maybe you can relate, or maybe not.  I find that most times the people I love most neglect the dearest things I love about them, because they just can’t see it.  I am not unique, and neither are they – most of us can’t see our beauty as the rest of the world does, and thus amplify the problems we think we have and the lacking solution we can’t seem to find fast enough.  It’s just not true.  What the mind tells us a lot of the time, just isn’t true.  Lately I’ve been asking to see myself as I am seen, and that has meant less time in the mirror, less time fretting over the chosen outfit, and less time groping and whining about the fat I think needs to go.

And guess what?  It’s working.  Get out of the way Alison – you’re still the only one blocking you.

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