Hello world!

Welcome. Thank you for sharing this space with me, and for allowing me the opportunity to open some doors that you may not have believed were available to you. The intention of this blog is to be real, to relay my experiences as they have happened and continue to happen as I perceive them to be. The motivation behind this blog is to hold space for others, as has been so graciously held for me, to allow just one more person to have permission to be exactly who, and where, they are.

I look forward to this journey. Concurrently, I am well into my first book and I cannot articulate the energy required or released to have started such a project; a project I never dreamed would come to fruition. This blog is helping me continue, before the “you don’t deserve to” ‘s start, as they lay dormant sometimes and are front and center other times. I imagine you know that voice, too. My goal is not to erase that voice or remove it, but to learn more about it and identify why it still comes when it does, and how we can better understand what it’s asking of us. That voice comes in all forms, and mine is usually pretty mean. Yours may be too. Whatever it sounds like is OK- we just have to be open to learning a little more, being uncomfortable a little longer, and trusting that in the end, it’s exactly as it’s meant to be.

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  1. Hi Alison
    Im following this. Excited to see what happens. Remember to stay calm and centered around loved ones over the holidays. Love you

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