– why?

Everyone seeks.  Not everyone tells.  I tell it.  It was hard to pick a website name.  You wouldn’t think it’d be that serious, but if you know me, I tend to make everything that fucking serious and that is both an asset, and a liability.

My old website was easy:  Plan A was to just re-launch that old site, keep it simple, and user friendly.  Well, apparently somebody else has my name and liked that idea, too.  Plan B was “” and I loved that because I really believe myself to be that, for better or worse (aka- call me if you want to hear the truth. Wait a minute if you need some cosigning and coddling).  But, somebody else liked that idea, too.  Plan C-J: truth something, my name with my middle initial, whatever.  My mind was swirling and I was giving myself a headache.  As a result, I started surveying, which is something I do when I can’t seem to find the balance between sitting with myself and being patient enough to wait for the answer that always comes from within (not always on my timeline).  I wanted profundity, splendor, HERE I AM NOW! kind of pizzazz and nothing was jumping at me, until it was.

“” was taken and that crushed me, but as I thought about it, “the” implies that I know what I’m talking about. It also sounds very limiting and narrow minded.  My objective here is to share my truth with you, as I have experienced it, from my perspective.  To imply that I know the truth about anything is bullshit- I really don’t know anything, and most of what I do know, comes from seeking it with you.  Nothing I have is original; I am a sum of the people around me.  I am the culmination of the things I’ve read, the things I’ve heard, and the things I’ve felt.  I am a summation of my experiences, especially those I never dreamt would possibly benefit anyone else.

“” is just that: the many and varying truths that I’ve come to experience over this lifetime of mine, so far.  These truths will change.  I have had enough experiences now to lean into the fact that I know that the only certainty in life, as has been said a million times in a million different ways before me, is change.  They told me once, long ago, that I wouldn’t have to change anything… except everything.  And as I become more willing to be the best version of myself, and to shed old ideas and old stories and binding beliefs that no longer serve me, I find more intimately that that is true: everything must change, and everything will change if I continue seeking and on the path to more.

Welcome.  I am so honored to have you here.  I am so blessed to have space in my life to hold for myself, and now for you if you wish me to.  That’s what we do: hold space for one another, without realizing it. Every time you call, text, Marco Polo (my new craze), we practice holding space. I intend to share what I know, what I think I know, and what I don’t know and am learning.  I intend to be transparent, vulnerable, and open.  I intend to bring you into the mess with me, because some days it is a fucking mess.  A beautiful mess.  The exact mess that we are supposed to experience.

Thank you.  I look forward to seeing you soon.

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  1. The life that I knew for 20+ years was ripped from me 4yrs ago, has brought an extensive change in who I am and how I process.
    I cannot wait to read more!! So excited for you!!

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