I’m being too healthy?  What does that even mean?  Somebody just said that to me in the elevator after I left the gym.  Somebody else said that to me at lunch looking at what was on my plate- the same shit that’s on my plate at home.  I have food in my bag in case I can’t get what I need here.  I plan.  My health and sanity are priorities above what people think of me today and that means I continue to live my life here, in Texas, during our annual sales convention.   Why do we subscribe to the belief that because we are away or because we travel or because we buy a house and undergo enormous change that the things that literally push our blood through our system and enable our hearts to beat- stop?

My life goes with me, wherever I go.  Just because I’m boarded up in a hotel room doesn’t mean that I didn’t bring my journal and bed time reading with me to decompress.  Just because I’m in another time zone doesn’t mean I’m not walking as much as I can and stretching multiple times a day.  We all know I’m in the gym every day training because I’m not exercising away food- I’m continually bettering my body and honing my condition to be the best version of myself I can be.  That shit doesn’t stop because life gets muddled and we are out of our routines temporarily. 

I didn’t always operate this way, but I’ve learned from a lot of pain and suffering that it’s the much easier, softer way to just keep going.  Just like those resolutions that never stick, there’s no reason to stop and start.  Just keep going.  You don’t need to diet if you always honor your body.  You don’t need to take a few days off of work to sleep and restart if you take care of yourself and pay attention.  You don’t need to apologize for unacceptable behavior if you practice your principles (hopefully you have some) in all of your affairs.  You can be you wherever you go, and if you don’t like that version of you, you have full permission to change it- any time.

We’ve heard it before: the only guarantee in life is change.  So, knowing that, why wouldn’t we continue to thrive on the base that we built that got us all of those changes in the first place?  If your base is depleted or non-existent, maybe it’s time to find one and ask somebody else who has what you want how they built it, and more importantly, how they keep it and improve upon it.

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