I underestimate what it takes; what it takes to run on less sleep than I prefer, what it takes to climb when the rest of my body is tired, what it takes to lift when I’m already spent.  I underestimate what it takes to be present for each and every moment of my day; each and every conversation, each and every interaction.  I underestimate what it takes to customize each phone call and email during my work day, what it takes to listen to each person that talks to me.  I underestimate what it takes to write, to read, and to absorb. 

I underestimate the balance required to do all the things that I want to do.  I underestimate the delicacy in finding said balance in somehow not doing all the things that I think I have to do.  I underestimate what it really looks like to not just keeping adding more to my plate- that I can’t just keep piling on, without taking some off.  I underestimate how when I say yes to you, I am really saying no to me, and that when I do that, we all lose.  I also grossly underestimate how easily those things come off of my plate, when I say yes to both of us, and how much room remains when we do that together.

That room is where other people are.  That room is where God is.  That room is where joy and peace and serenity lie, where the truth remains so long as I seek it.  That room is where I belong, without overwhelming my body or my mind, without sacrificing the energy given to me to enjoy the abundance that is.  That room is where we gain the opportunities to learn more about the things we didn’t know that we didn’t know.  That room is where we get right sized.

And that room, is where you are too.  I look forward to meeting you there.

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