35.  Once upon a time, that seemed incredibly old to me.  It was not only old, but out of reach.  As a drug addicted teen and narrowly focused girl, I didn’t expect to live, or want to live, beyond 27.  Thinking back on that makes me so sad, but also brings tremendous compassion to those …

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The last thing I thought about receiving from my broken leg and surgery was self-compassion, self-respect, and unconditional self-love.   I have to write out “surgery” because it created a very different scenery than just a break.  Not that breaking your leg, or any other part of your body isn’t enough, but I have to …

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Ringing in 35

This is stressful.  It is emotional, it is unnerving, and it is stressful.  It looks like I guess it should: headaches, which may or may not have something to do with not having EHT.  Not sleeping very well, then sleeping a lot and still needing more.  Brain fog.  Easily reacting to situations and feeling overwhelmed.  …

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