Alison Haase

I Want What I Have

I’m calm.  I feel balanced.  I’m not in a hurry and I’m not attached. It’s somewhat new.  I’ve been practicing hard.  Not by choice at first, but willingly now. Life is grey, not black and white.  Most of my life I have lived in the black and white.  The all or the nothing.  The best …

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I Have Arrived

“I had arrived”.  That elusive idea that once I get somewhere or that once I achieve something, I will be complete.  That elusive story that if only I could look like x, or feel like y, then I’d be happy.  The chase to nowhere and the high to nothing. I lived that way for a …

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Love versus Like

I just posted a video about body image, and the me that is learning how to filter and edit and hone my social media marketing craft wishes I had said something different than I did, but hindsight is always expensive. I had remarked that I thought healthy body image would produce an unconditional love for …

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I Didn’t Get Here Overnight

I wasn’t always health conscious, or intentional about my health.  I wasn’t always driven by a combination of loving nourishment and respect.  I wasn’t always open and flexible and thoughtful. In fact, for a long time, I was the polar opposite.  I was almost consciously unhealthy.  I was only driven by aesthetic results that waivered …

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Fried by Zoom

Being on zoom all day has taken me to a new level of exhaustion. I can’t read body language.  I can’t sense if someone is interested based on their energetic feedback that I am usually privy to in person.  Sometimes, I can’t even see them and instead have to bite my tongue to avoid spewing …

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