Alison Haase

Pride versus Ego

Pride.  The feeling you get from things accomplished.  Or, the feeling you get from things not accomplished.   Ego.  What you think about yourself on a total scale of worthiness or enoughness.   I’ve googled it recently as “pride” has been brought to my attention as the true culprit for my undercurrent of anxiety and …

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Happy New Year

It’s been 11 days since I posted a blog, and I didn’t even know it.   When I first started blogging, I committed to posting once a week.  I was on fire for a while, able to prewrite and schedule things for weeks in advance.  It’s like I had just uncovered a dormant fire within, …

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Just Wait

My disease hates when I’m happy.  My disease hates when I stray from needing it to tell me my every move, validate my every thought, and rely on it for comfort.  Especially when it has to do with my body, the food I put in my body, and people commenting on either or both.  And …

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